Perpetuity Formula

What Is Perpetuity? A Perpetuity is an endless consistent series of payments made at equal intervals of time. Said differently, a Perpetuity, or a perpetual annuity, is an infinite stream of cash flow payments.  How to Calculate the Present Value of Perpetuity? There are two basic Read More about Perpetuity Formula

Future Value Formula

What is Future Value? The value of an asset or investment at a specific time or date in future is called Future Value (FV). It is the amount to which an investment or a series of investments will grow by a specified date and time in future and will be received after T years or Read More about Future Value Formula

Current Yield Formula

What is the Current Yield formula? The current yield is the annual return of a bond based on the annual coupon payment and current bond price (vs its original price or face). The current yield formula takes into consideration the current price of the bond instead of the face value of the bond. Read More about Current Yield Formula